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"The most valued aspect of your service is "trust". A well organized and operated company with professional integrity and talent. My BMW has always run better after being serviced at your shop, whether it is maintenance or repair work. It is great to know you keep track of needed work on my BMW and will remind me when it is needed to be done."
– Reshard M., San Jose, Estimator

"Your company is very professional, clean and neat. I like the savings programs that are offered like the 4 for 1-oil changes for one low price. I was very happy with the time Ray himself took the time to bring me to his work area and explained what was wrong and what he needed to do to solve the issue. I use to take my car to the dealer. Not only was it costly, there seemed to be nothing done on the car. Now that I bring my car to Rays Ultimate, I can feel what it's like to be driving the "Ultimate Driving Machine"."
– Dudi D., San Jose, Customer Service

"The best BMW service shop I have used in 22 years. The willingness to listen to the customers problems, openness in answering questions and the attention to detail provide the customer with a feeling of confidence and trust. My 1982 528e had a warm start problem for 2 years. Rays Ultimate diagnosed and solved it on my first ever visit. That was 2 years ago. Still starts on first crank! 100k mile club - I have 2 cars in the club and have received 10% off all my repairs. I also became member #8 in the Car Care Club for my 3rd car and have received some benefits and plan to use more in 2002. The customer referral cash back program is great! I have 4 satisfied customer referrals. Rays Ultimate Service Center's diagnosis have been 100% correct on all of my 3 BMW's without fail. I find this to be an extremely important advantage over other BMW shops. Keep it up!"
– Alan F., San Jose, Software Engineer

"Time Management! I called you one day, I got an appointment for the next day in the AM. When I arrived there you were ready for me. When you inspected my brakes, I felt the quote was a little high. You then showed me my brake pads and disc and you showed me the new pads and disc, that sold me. The job was completed in a couple of hours. This is impossible from a BMW dealership! Good people. Professional attitudes. A very clean and orderly operation."
– Arthur W., San Jose, Retired

"Fast, friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. Our 740iL was serviced with excellence and the staff was courteous. Keep up the good work."
– Kurt M., Santa Clara, Purchasing Manager

"We have 2 BMW's, each with mileage over 150k. Both cars are in excellent condition due to Rays Ultimate Service Centers maintenance and service. With a rudimentary knowledge of car mechanics, we get a thorough explanation, item by item of our invoices. Also what was found and what to expect for the future. We feel assured and confident that we are getting prompt attention from knowledgeable experts. Because of the exceptional service at Rays Ultimate Service Center, for our next auto purchase, we will definitely only consider a BMW."
– Louise & Jerry K., Cupertino, Calligrapher & Risk Manager

"Rays Ultimate is a friendly and efficient organization. I feel the people working on my car are competent, attentive to detail and I can trust them not to overcharge me. Ray, himself is very accessible to talk to and he always seems to give you the problem as it is, and not speculation. Laura is quick and efficient. You guys have a good team."
– Thomas Do – San Jose – Engineer

"I am very happy that I have found Rays Ultimate since my move here from Chicago in 1994. I had been working on my car myself since I did not trust any service centers. I am very happy about our friendship. The most valuable benefit to me is that I found someone with as much love and respect for the BMW as I have. I have had my car in storage for 5 years and it was important to me to know what needed to be done in order to keep it running properly. I was fortunate enough to have a free evaluation of my car with honesty and expert advice from Rays Ultimate. Now I can attend to each concern one by one."
– Sargon Benyat – San Jose – Medical Doctor

"Rays Ultimate is great! I love the feeling of having a mechanic I can trust to do what needs to be done honestly and thoroughly. I value having a mechanic that I don’t have to worry about being ripped off by unnecessary repairs. You have always assessed my cars problems and needs accurately and honestly."
- Keith Wohlberg- Santa Clara – Physical Therapy

"My overall feeling of the company is very good. It is with the notion that your car will be attended to as if it was the owner’s personal car. Every time I have a friend drop me off at Rays Ultimate, I have to take them into the shop to look around. It is most impressive that one could eat of the floor of the immaculate work area."
- Ted Deffinger – San Jose – Retired Doctor

"You guys are awesome. You have great friendly service. Great explanation of services required. My waterpump broke and the belts disintegrated. The dealer wanted me to wait 4 weeks. You guys fixed me up in 1 day!"
- Richard Doporto – Castro Valley – Engineer

"Since first owning a BMW in 1988 I have enjoyed a sense of honesty from Rays Ultimate not trying to sell me unnecessary parts or service and a willingness to explain to me in laymen’s terms what needs to be done!"
- Mark Utley – Los Altos – VP Corporate Service

"Rays Ultimate makes you feel at home. You’re not a number. Very personalized service with great follow up to make sure your car stays in great shape. Benefit’s of going to Rays Ultimate – Early detection of potential problems. Rays Ultimate Service Center’s extensive experience with BMW’s allows them to pinpoint potential issues before they become a problem. And cost savings. Rays Ultimates rates are lower than the dealerships and only fix what needs to be fixed on your car instead of paying for “nice to haves”
- Rhett Livengood – Los Altos – Technical Consulting

"Rays Ultimate Service Center has fee’s that are reasonable compared to other BMW Service Centers. The work performed is very good and satisfying. Your crew is nice and courteous."
- Jan Santos – Hayward – Dental Assistant

"A quality company. I have tried a few other BMW shops, but nobody gives service like the Rays Ultimate group. The ability to drop my car off early in the morning and pick it up in the afternoon is great. I use to work around the corner and would have this convenience. Since then I have moved, but would take a day off work to bring my car to Rays Ultimate. Ray and I may not see eye to eye on certain things, but I trust him completely on the work he does. It’s nice to find honesty and quality in a mechanic."
- Bruce Ahlgren – San Jose – Truck Driver

"Quite a few repairs were needed for my car when I first came to Rays Ultimate. Ray helped me prioritize them and schedule them so I could financially manage it and still maintain my car. The biggest value is trust. I can believe in the diagnosis and count on them to repair and service my car at a reasonable cost."
- Elif Starr – Los Gatos – Director of Wholesale Service

"I have 2 BMW’s and when Rays Ultimate says my 528e with 240+ thousand miles on it is set to go, then I have complete confidence that I can take it to LA, the mountains or wherever I need to go without any problems. Rays Ultimate always has excellence service and advise. They are also willing to work on older cars like my daughters 76 2002."
- Mary Ruddell – Los Gatos – Doc Control Supervisor

"Rays Ultimate is very professional and provides quality service. The staff is very knowledgeable and always willing to inform the customer."
- Darlene Caudillo – Santa Clara – Accounting Manager

"Rays Ultimate successfully repaired some previously bad insurance work. They also always keep my best interest first when it comes to the needs of my BMW. Rays Ultimate always has an honest and sincere assessment of my BMW needs. I now have a BMW that runs reliably and safely."
- Lin Jenkins – Los Banos – Systems Technician

"I could go down the street to a BMW dealership for service and repairs but I would rather go the extra distance to Rays Ultimate to know that my car is in good hands."
- Holly Estrella – San Jose – Admin Asst.

"I am extremely impressed with Rays Ultimate. I far prefer your shops services to the local BMW dealers. I have confidence that I am not being overcharged, which you can never be sure with dealers."
- Barbara Romandia – Executive Admin

"I wouldn’t take my BMW to anyone else. You have excellent service. I can trust you. I wish you also worked on Chevy’s."
- Janet Ewin – Sunnyvale – Sales Manager

"Rays Ultimate is honest, reliable, and competent. Making the extra effort for vehicle safety checks during routine oil changes give me the peace of mind in knowing the vehicle has been correctly serviced."
- Dave Newswanger – Los Gatos – Mechanical Engineer

"After failing the smog test 2 times on my 1980 528i, I brought it to Rays Ultimate. Not only did it result in a passing smog test but also my gas mileage improved tremendously. Rays Ultimate only employs the mechanics who know their stuff. I recommend Rays Ultimate to all who wish to keep their BMW’s running smoothly for over 100k miles."
- Nancy Riddle – San Jose – Retired Nurse

"Rays Ultimate is a straight forward and honest shop. It is difficult to find this in any business. The personal attention to each customer makes you feel important. Here I am not treated like cattle or made to feel lucky I am here to have my car fixed. Instead, I am treated with great professionalism. I had a bad overheating problem and Rays Ultimate found the solution. It turned out to be a very obscure and hard to find problem. Rays Ultimate takes complexity and simplifies it."
- Mark Amador – VP of Sales

"The employees really care about providing a good service. Rays Ultimate was caught in the middle of a towing mishap with my car and had to justify his repairs to the towing company and CSAA. He handled everything professionally and with patience. Great job!"
- Karen Burke – San Jose – System Engineer

"I think Rays Ultimate does great work at an honest price. You guys are willing to go out of your way to help. You found repairs done from BMW that were not correct."
- Dave Cucuzza – Los Gatos – Police Officer

"You’re great. My car is consistently repaired in a timely manner with quality workmanship. I have never had a reoccurring issue. I feel I get an honest estimate and opinion. I have been to other shops who overcharged."
- Kathy Fantuzzi – San Jose – Sales Director

"Rays Ultimate is an excellent BMW service & repair center. I have always received very good service from Rays Ultimate and advice about BMW upkeep and maintenance. Rays Ultimate has been very honest and straight forward about BMW problems. Very thorough and high quality service."
- Bhaskar Deb – San Jose – Engineer

"Rays Ultimate is an excellent BMW service & repair center. I have always received very good service from Rays Ultimate and advice about BMW upkeep and maintenance. Rays Ultimate has been very honest and straight forward about BMW problems. Very thorough and high quality service."
- Carolyn Dickens – Sunnyvale – Property Manager

"Very positive experience. Honest, direct customer orientated and friendly. Rays Ultimate is responsive to customer needs and is flexible."
- Robert Dinunzio – San Jose – Human Resources Manager

"Excellent! Always available with immediate responses. Consistent. I would highly recommend your services. When I call in for your opinion of a potential problem, your willingness and availability to help me is a great benefit."
- Aaron Gallardo – Monte Sereno – Commercial Real Estate

"Very responsible. Rays Ultimate clearly explains problems. I have a high trust in Rays Ultimate due to the fact Ray himself stands behind his work 100%. I have been able to combine needed work for cost savings. I have been able to get guidance on what repairs are needed and have the feeling my car is well maintained."
- Steve Gasporovic – Santa Clara

"Good, quality work done on time! Repairs and service are done right the first time. My Inspection 2 service was done with great detail."
- Scott Cordero – Santa Clara – Printing & Graphics

"Excellent customer service. Rays Ultimate saved me hundreds of dollars in problems that were not detected by the dealer with his honest opinions and excellent commitment in getting the job done. The dealer said one of the suspension arms was OK, Rays Ultimate found out it was not and it could have caused a severe accident. The problem was fixed by Rays Ultimate in time. Time management helps me make sure my car is always in great shape. Ray has reliable advice every single time."
- Arvind Gidwani – Sunnyvale – Engineer

"Very knowledgeable and professional. Takes the time to explain problems."
- D. Johnson – Milpitas – Attorney

"Very Good! I have a lot of confidence in the quality of the work."
- Tom Austin – Santa Clara – Finance Director

"I always get professional and personal service at Rays Ultimate consistently. Knowledgeable and reliable. I have saved money several times by finding repairs needed that would be covered under my factory warranty."
- Jim Kirkland-San Jose – Sales

"I have 2 BMW’s. A 1981 320i with over 415k miles on it and a 1985 535i with over 190k miles on it. You treat my cars like they were yours. You explain everything that is done, and without hesitation you will answer questions over the phone. When I pick up my cars from Rays Ultimate, I know that the work has been done with attention to every detail. My overall feeling about your company can be summed up in one word, “TRUST”. There are other companies out there that do quality work, but few you can trust. Your company always gives me an honest opinion about work needed and the cost. It is a very comforting feeling to eliminate the question of “do I really need that done?” and to know when you pick up your car you are only paying for services that needed to be done and nothing else."
- Mike Lalwani – Newark – MIS Consultant

"Complete satisfaction. Service on time with reasonable rates."
- Rob Larsen – San Mateo – Engineer

"Rays Ultimate is very thorough and efficient. Everyone is always very courteous. I always feel that I get an honest assessment of services needed and reasonable prices."
- Pat Lewis – San Jose – Retired

"We purchased a used BMW M3 from Stevens Creek BMW, and brought it to Rays Ultimate for a safety inspection. You found that it was actually missing a lot of parts and some parts on the car were not for a M3. You took care of us and fixed my car. We like BMW’s and you explained to us what it takes to keep them going. The shop is always clean and service is excellent and fast. Thank you."
- Chris Napolitano – San Jose – Business Owner

"You offer great service. You’re ethical, knowledgeable, responsible, nice and helpful. You offer direct contact with the owner and you know who is working on your car. During my warranty period, Rays Ultimate found items that were covered by my warranty that the dealers didn’t tell me."
- Cynthia Rotwein – San Jose – Commercial Real Estate Agent

"Rays Ultimate offers excellent work, reliable service at a reasonable price. I had a specific repair needed. I was told in detail how it would be done, what it would cost and how long it would take. Excellent!"
- Catherine Sandis – Campbell – Admin Assistant

"Friendly and helpful staff ready to service my vehicle at a moments notice. Rays Ultimate is always willing to take the time to answer all of my questions. And I always have many."
- Rafael Torres – Mountain View – Computer Network Technician

"Rays Ultimate has helpful service and clear explanations of what the problem is. This is great for someone who is not knowledgeable about cars. Everyone is very helpful."
- Linda Shafe – Scotts Valley – At Home Mom

"Don’t have to deal with impersonal dealerships. Rays Ultimate keeps my cars running with fast reliable service. Rays Ultimate has been great at keeping my BMW’s running. My first BMW, a 320i lasted over 200k miles until it was in an accident. My current BMW, a 525i has over 300k miles on it and it still keeps running. Great, reliable and personal service."
- Rick Tywoniak – Moss Beach – Manager of Sales Operations

"I love bringing my car here! Rays Ultimate is always very professional. I use to take my car to the dealer in Fremont. I like the efficiently with which my service is always rendered at Rays Ultimate Service Center."
- Debra Watkins – San Jose – Teacher

"I have a better performing car. More reliable, I can consistently depend on the car to go where I need to be and when. I appreciate that Rays Ultimate takes the time to provide detailed information when I desire it. The information is very clear cut and honest."
- Bart Wensink – San Jose – Pilot

"I can always get good advice from Rays Ultimate. Rays Ultimate always explains consistently the benefits and consequences of certain repairs. I get timely responses for appointments."
- Bob Young – San Jose – Director of Quality Assurance

"My car is always ready the same day I drop it off!
- Heather Ovalle – San Jose – Financial Analyst

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